Green Drain: an expensive but good solution

by Teodor Costăchioiu

I had a minor but annoying problem at home: in the toilet, the water in the floor drain evaporated, causing sewer gas and smell to enter the house. It’s a plumbing design mistake, and so far, the only solution would have been to break and redo the plumbing the way it should have been done from the beginning so that the water from the sink would go into the trap and restore the gas barrier. Even though I still have a few tiles left over from the construction, I didn’t do this work because it involved a lot of mess and noise.

Until recently, I occasionally poured a jug of water into the drain, but the smell was overpowering when I forgot to do this or was away from home for a few days. However, I recently found something that works: a Green Drain odor stopper, which I got from Emag.

Structurally, it is extremely simple; it has a membrane made of very soft rubber, which ensures a seal against odors and bugs but easily allows water to drain. Installation is very simple: you remove everything from the drain and insert the Green Drain plug.

For me, the GD35 model was suitable as the drain has an internal diameter of 95mm. I paid 230 RON for it, which is extremely expensive for a piece of plastic and some rubber gaskets. I don’t regret it, though; the alternative of breaking and redoing the plumbing would have cost much more.

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