Playlist – June 2023

by Teodor Costăchioiu

With great difficulty, I managed to gather some material for the June playlist.

➡️ D.White is a Russian born in Zarasai (Lithuania) but lives in Yekaterinburg. He has a couple of Euro / Italo disco-style albums like in the 80s. What I have to say is that this guy has disastrous English pronunciation, and you often have to look up the lyrics on the Internet to understand what he’s singing. However, it does have some decent tracks to include in my summer playlist – try I don’t care, for example.

➡️ We stay in the same register with Mark Ashley, a German singer whose voice is extremely similar to that of Thomas Anders from the former band Modern Talking. He has several Euro disco and Eurodance albums. It has a fresh single from 2023, Cold as Ice, but the older albums aren’t to be missed either.

➡️Belinda Carlisle has released some new tracks on Kismet.

➡️Scooter has a new single, Techno is back.

Photo by Mohammad Metri on Unsplash

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